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seeking truth in the study of God

Applied Truth is lead by Philosopher and Theologian RC Kunst who studies at The University of Oxford for Historical Christianity & Philosophy. He also studied Theology at the Moody Bible Institute. His expertise is in Analytical Theology, Hebrew Exegesis, Historical Christianity and Philosophy. His current Academic and Writing focus is on the Early Church Fathers, Linguistic Exegesis and the Hebrew Biblical Narrative.

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Did Jesus Exist? Did He die and rise again?

A great deal of historical work has gone into proving that Jesus not only existed as a historical person but that he also died and that they could not find his body. We explore these evidences in several articles that help provide a sound case for the Historical Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 


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Articles on Philosophy

Philosophy covers a great multitude of topics, questions and answers. Questions like: What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Is God good and just? What is consciousness? and more!

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Articles on Theology

While studying at Moody Bible Institute I found that there is a great depth of knowledge, joy and wonder within the Scriptures that I would not have otherwise seen if I had not taken the time to indulge in the study of them. 

Answering questions like: Does God love everyone? What does the doctrines of grace teach? what does this specific texts say? and much more! 

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Articles on the Sciences

The Sciences will cover Physics, Biology, Genetics and more. Answering questions like: Is the universe fine-tuned? is evolution real? how old is the universe? and more! 

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Articles on Archaeology

God's left his mark on History and we are able to sustainably prove it. Answering questions like: Did David exist? Did babylon really happen? Did the Flood really happen? and more!

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Articles on Psychology

God has given us a mind that allows us to understand ourself, understand others and steward every relationship that flows from that. It also helps answer ethical questions in relation to Mental Health, Morals and much more. 

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Articles on World Religions

Other religions in the world are extraordinarly interesting. However, they do pose a threat to the unbeliever and even the Christian. Which is true? Which is false? We present solid arguments against the major religions of the world and the sects that claim to be Christian. 



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Interviews with leaders in Religion, Science, Philosophy and much more. 



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