Why Biblical Archaeology Matters

There are many ways to defend Scripture but few are as forthright as finding actual places, people, things and items that directly confirm the Bible. There has been so many discoveries for the Bible that even secular archeologist now use the Bible as a starting point in order to excavate landmarks. The Bible is rich in History and for many the Bible seems to be filled with fairy-tales but through Archeology we are able to confidently prove that the Bible is reliable, real and authentic. Therefore, the matters in which the Bible speaks of (Jesus, Apostles, Covenants, God, Israel and more) must be taken seriously as probable fact. 

3 Reasons Why Biblical Archeology Matters:

1. Validation

Validating these claims made by the Bible have been profoundly escalated over the last century. We've received thousands of factual evidence that proves the Bible's reliability in the places, languages and people it speaks of. For instance, many did not believe that David was a real person. Archeology has shown us that he in fact was very real and yes, a King. 

2. Counter-False Religions

False religions often cite people, places and so forth in their literature. The Bible is the only religious text that can withstand the scrutiny of Archeological Testing. The Book of Mormon falls deeply short in so fact that it cannot even claim 1% on the testing scale. It cannot state a FACT within it's archeological citations. That's horrific for reliability. 

3. It's Exegetical Use

Entering into the context of Scripture has never been so lively now that we are able to verify various things within the Old Testament and New Testament. Peter's home for instance was a recent discovery that allowed us to step into his eyes. Furthermore, the discovery of various scriptures on scrolls allows us to see that NO CHANGES were made to the text that we have today. Isaiah word for word. Something that Book of Mormon and other religious texts cannot do or withstand. (See "Book of Mormon changes"). 


Let us be encouraged by all that Archeology does for us as Believers in Christ Jesus, our Lord. For more on this please support the ministry by purchasing the following book: "Defense Against the Dark Arts: Archeology that Proves the Bible's Reliability"