Late Bronze Age Discoveries: Verify The Bible

Asiatic Semites evidence was revealed through Bietak, which stated that Asiatic Semites living in Avaris as early as the late 12th Dynast (Amenemhat I, 1973BC). Their residential houses at Avaris were four-roomed and made from sandy mudbrick constructed with absolutely zero straw. Straw was used to providing durability and to provide drying of mudbricks, allowing for faster production and high-quality finishes. This is significant because it ties us to Exodus 5 where the biblical account shows that punishment of Israel through Pharaoh decreed that they would, in captivity, produce mudbricks without being given straw. This occurs in verses 7 through 9. 

You may be thinking, "Ok, well that's boring..." but let's think about this. This helps us verify that Israel was in Egypt. This helps us verify minute tidbits in the Bible that were attacked or called myth. We can now verify various things throughout Exodus as you will see as you read on. This is important, I cannot state this enough. 

There is major evidence of the Biblical plagues in the late Middle Kingdom 1715BC found in Exodus 5-11. The palace district was abandoned after the reign of Amenophis II. The plague documented in Avaris in the late Middle Kingdom and associated with Avaris in the later tradition appears to be the most plausible and ideal solution to this problem. (1) (Bietak and Muller, Ausgrabungeines Palastbezirkes) 

Archeologists have claimed that some 90 (or more) Egyptian Papyri shows striking parallels to the Exodus, including the Admonitions of Ipuwer (1543 BC) and Tale of Two Brothers (1193BC). These discoveries imply that the event of the Exodus may still have been a huge part of the Egyptian tradition and memory in the early 13-15th centuries BC. 

These discoveries help provide verification for the major events in the Old Testament. When you're witnessing to someone and they claim Old Testament events to be myths you can confidently show them why they are not myths but likely events. The furthering of these discoveries help provide a foundation for those afraid to share the Gospel because of a

The verification of these things help us better understand the reasoning behind certain Biblical books. Genesis and Exodus are linked in inextricable ways that allow us to better comprehend the Ancient Near Eastern text.