The Bronze Age Discoveries: Verify the Bible

Genesis: Creation - Patriarchs (EB & MB): 3600-1550 BC)


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These discoveries that provide the necessary evidence and verification for Genesis are staggering. I'll dive into some of these that I feel are important but it would be diligent of the reader to do more research on the context influence of each discovery. 

The Creation and Flood accounts are the first that I'd like to encounter here and explain why these verify the Bible and its stories. The sheer magnitude of evidence helps us understand two very important things: (1) The biblical nature of defending YAHWEH against other mythology and (2) These events most likely occurred in some fashion.

Think about this: Multiple sources survived thousands of years depicting the same exact story of the flood and creation of this world. There could be hundreds more that didn't survive all this time. This alone verifies the claim: "Something happened. The earth was created, there was a flood." Now, we can't just claim that it's true based off of multiples sources but it gives it verifiable support which is extremely important in the steps that follow to prove the Bible is true through archaeology. 

The second piece I would like to discuss here is the discovery that verifies the Tower of Babel. If you're like me, you often think: "Really? Babylon...that's where we get our languages, they built something so big? what's going on here?" This is a reasonable thought when dealing with ancient architecture and civilization. I'd like to stop here one second and point something out: Our world hasn't been the way it's been. 50 years ago was a massive difference. 100 years ago was basically a different world. 300 years ago America barely existed as a country and so forth. The world developed, let's be reasonable in understanding ancient civilizations. 

In the Bible, brick-building technology began early in the history of civilization (4000BC)1 at Shinar (Sumer Genesis 11:3), likely under the direction of Nimrod (Gilgamesh-2; Genesis 10:9-10). This technology was very different from the "Boulder and Chink" method used in Palestine. The Babylonian Epic of Creation called the Enuma Elish describes the use of brick technology in the construction of Babylon (tablet 6, lines 60-62) Walton in his book on Biblical Backgrounds describes: 

Developed twoard the end of the fourth millennium, and the resulting product, using bitumen as a mastic, proved waterproof and as sturdy as stone. Since it was an expensive process, it was used only for important public buildings.

The Tower of Babel was this kind of building. The term itself "tower of Babel" does not appear in the Biblical Text, but they built massive city with a massive tower and later the text explains that "Therefore it's city name was called Babel [That is Babylon, with a play on the Hebrew verb Balal meaning to "Mix and Confuse"] because there the LORD confused the language of all the earth. And from there the LORD dispersed them over the face of the earth" (Genesis 11:9). Most prominent scholars would say that tower of Babel was a ziggurat. 

Again, we have multiples sources depicting the same nature of these events. At some point, these stop being Mythical and start being a reality. I think that time is when multiple sources are found telling us the same exact event took place. The odds are slim that many ancient texts would tell the same story as another. I think it's time we start taking this seriously and understanding that we can verify the text of the Bible. 

To learn more in depth about this topic please find yourself a copy of the new book coming out called: "Verify the Bible: A Study in Archeology" by GS Eugene (Pen of RC Kunst)


1: The egyptians used bricks as early as 10,000BC. The early egyptians mastaba (arabic for bench) was the standard type of tomb in pre-dynastic (5500-3100bc) and early dynastic (2920-2770 bc) Egypt for Pharoah. 

2: David P Livingston, "Nimrod: Who was he? was he Godly or evil?" Bible and Spade 14, No3