Genetics: Male and Female

Today there is an attack on the Biblical Worldview that Male and Female are not the only Genders. In fact, Australia recognizes 33 different types of gender and that is a perfect example of how serious this issue is. However, I want to make a very apparent issue with the argument of the secular world that this is an attack on the Christian view; rather this is an attack on Science itself. I don't have to be a Christian to defend two genders, two sexes. I don't have to read Genesis to know that humanity has but two options when they are being developed in the womb. 

Therefore, let us look at the Science, shall we?

Genetically, except for enucleated (cells without a nucleus) blood cells, every human body cell is either male (XY chromosomes) or female (XX chromosomes). All healthy humans begin life with sex chromosomal differences: the Y contains over 200 genes, of which 72 code for proteins, while the X contains over 12 times as many, fully 874 genes. After a zygote (a fertilized egg) is formed, thousands of genetic differences are created due to an epigenetic process called imprinting. This system turns off a wide variety of genes in males and a wide variety of other genes in females depending on whether the gene came from the father or the mother. The result is that many genetic differences exist between the sexes well before birth.3

These male-female genetic differences have profound ramifications in medicine. For years, only males were generally tested to determine proper drug dosages. Then it was discovered that the popular sleep drug Ambien is metabolized differently in females. Consequently, women initially obtained about twice the proper systemic dose, resulting in some female users being overmedicated, and this produced a rash of traffic accidents. One reason for drug dosage differences is due to the major hormone variations between males and females.

Adult males and females also have different physiological reactions to alcohol due to variations in alcohol dehydrogenase—a detoxifying enzyme. Alcohol dehydrogenase breaks down ethanol, and as a result, females exhibit higher alcohol metabolic rates than males. In other words, liquor tends to have a stronger effect on women.

You cannot get another gender from a biological standpoint. The only time we get another gender is when a psychological factor comes into play, even then you still are female or male but your psyche may try to convince you otherwise. This is known as Gender Dysphoria. 

For more on that, you can refer to our Psychology tab. 

God created male and female in the image of Himself and not only does science back this up but there is no objective basis for stating that there are any other genders or sexes in the physical world. 


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