Why Psychology Matters

Psychology is the amazing study of why we are. 
Psychology allows us to encounter ourselves, others and the possibilities of reasoning to situations. To study something as integrated as ourselves, we must rely on God to guide our hearts lest we give into popular psychology that allows for disorder. 

Here are 3 Reasons Why Psychology Matters:

1. You can understand yourself. 

Learning why you think the way you do. Learning why you're unique to this world and the Kingdom of Christ is a must. Why do you think the way you do, act the way you do, strive for what you do. Your epistemology flows from this and understanding yourself can help you better share the Gospel to others. 

2. You can understand others. 

Understanding others is important but knowing how to react to their reactions could save a relationship. If you better understand why people act the way they do you can encounter empathy more directly while giving yourself the ability to love them in a deeper fashion. 

3. God Gave us Minds

Marriage, Relationships, Friendships and Your walk with Christ all flow from your psychology. You must understand that God created us with complex minds in order to navigate complex relationships. To take something like this lightly is to take God lightly.